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New Ceccato CDX Series air dryers.

New Ceccato CDX Series air dryers.26.04.2015

Since the 2015 spring are all Ceccato CDX series air dryers have digital displays, which shows the degree of cooling driers, error messages, and recalls maintenance. Since CDX Series dryers are also used in Ceccato screw compressors, except CSL serias, then all other series screw compressor dryers have new digital display.     New Ceccato CDX  series dryers is possible to see the brochure HERE or to read more about this on our website "Air dryers" category.

New Ceccato line filters.

New Ceccato line filters.20.04.2015

Since March, Ceccato have available new line filters. Compared to the previous line filters, the new have main advantages:   *  Easy monitoring via sight glass.  *  A venting hole will give an audible alarm if the filter is dismantled under pressure. *  Removing the filter bowl is an easy job as the external ribs allow for a firm grip on the filter.  *  No need to worry about corrosion. The die cast aluminum housing with special anodized treatment protects our     filters both on the inside and the ou...

Aignep pneumatic cylinders

Aignep pneumatic cylinders11.11.2014

Since November of 2014, we began the first in Estonia manufacturing pneumatic cylinders, to ensure our costomers,  partners, and resellers with the fastest delivery time and 1 mm accuracy cylinders, which is not offered by the standard dimensions. In addition there are all kinds of different sensors, the mounting plate, fittings etc. We use cylinders well known as manufacturer of components Aignep's offered by the components and materials in order to ensure the full reliability and quality. Initially, we started Aignep X Series cylinders, cyli...

Credit Report AA

Credit Report  AA30.09.2014

Peltoc OÜ was issued by Krediidiinfo AS in 2014 the Successful Estonian Company certificate. Krediidiinfo AS is a subsidiary company of the world leading information, credit and marketing service provider Experian, whose main activity is to issue registered companies in the information economy. Peltoc OÜ achievement in the 2013 economic results of the rating very good (AA). The Krediidiinfo rating is an assessment of a company expressed as a cumulative grade based on economic, financial and payment behavior. This certificate confirms that Peltoc f...

Mavel hose reels

Mavel hose reels25.05.2014

From the month of April, we provide quality Italian manufacturer MAVEL hose reels. Their product range includes a wide variety of garden hose reels, the different fluid, electrical, lighting and compressed air.   They offer a 12 series and 25 different hose reels. Maveli general products catalog can be seen  HERE. More information about Mavel pneumatic hose reels and prices sees our website under " Products " tab, or press SIIA.  

New Rodcraft RC2202 impact wrench

New Rodcraft RC2202 impact wrench20.10.2013

The RC2202, Ultra Compact 1/2’’ Air Impact Wrench. * 1/2" Ultra compact impact wrench. * 610 Nm maximum torque in reverse. * Steel front cover & Aluminum body * Length = 112 mm as can size * Jumbo hammer mechanism * 3 setting positions in both directions   More information and pictures sees our website under " Products " tab, or press here SIIT.  

Aignep pneumatic components

Aignep pneumatic components17.07.2013

From now is able to get all different kinds of pneumatic components and compressed air line Italian company Aignep. More information about the Aignep products find "Products"  page.      

Rodcraft pneumatic tools and workshop equipment.

Rodcraft pneumatic tools and workshop equipment.15.04.2013

Since 15.04.13, we offer a wide range of different pneumatic tools and workshop equipment from Rodcraft manufacturing company in Germany. More products Rodcraft sees our website under "Products" tab, or uploads catalogue.   Pneumatic tools                                Workshop equipment                                  

5 years warranty Ceccato 40-125 hp with frequency converter compressors

5 years warranty Ceccato 40-125 hp with frequency converter compressors01.02.2013

We offer a 5 year factory warranty on all Ceccato 40-125 hp compressors with frequency converter. The campaign is valid for all customers who purchase a frequency converter compressor before August 2013.  

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